[B-Greek] "Concordant method" and "Scripture4all"

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Sun Nov 19 06:42:31 EST 2006

On Nov 18, 2006, at 9:28 PM, Ryan Clan wrote:

> Hi David
> You could try:
> http://www.scripture4all.org/
> which offers a free interlinear for both Hebrew and Greek  
> scriptures using
> the AV for the translation. It can either be downloaded as a full,  
> working
> program, or as separate pdf pages of the desired interlinear text.  
> I have
> never put my ancient computer to the trouble of downloading the  
> program, so
> I cannot vouch for its merits and I don't understand what they mean  
> by the
> "concordant method", but it is free, it's online, and it appears that
> parsing is available along with a whole lot of other features, so  
> it may be
> of interest.
> Regards
> Kay Christensen

The "concordant method" -- and also the peculiar "Concordant"  
conception of the aorist and how it ought to be translated, is  
controversial (at best); we had a thread on this matter that you can  
peruse in the archives: April 27, 2006 with subject-header "[B-Greek]  
Concordant Literal New Testament." For my part, I would NOT advise  
anyone who is in the early stages of learning Biblical Greek to make  
use of it. One feature of the "concordant" view is a very-badly- 
flawed endeavor to represent all compounded words in terms of  
etymologies of the elements compounded; it is a textbook case of the  
etymological fallacy. It is clearly set forth in their own  
illustrated page at


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>> Does anyone know if there is any free access Hebrew and/or Greek text
>> resource on the internet in which it looks like pages from an
>> interlinear, with complete parsing under each word (ideally  
>> between the
>> Hebrew/Greek and the English translation)? If so, please CC me at the
>> email address below.
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