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Curtis Hinson curtis at curtishinson.com
Sat Nov 18 20:19:59 EST 2006

Greetings Denise,

Since your message was posted to the list I will throw in a couple of 
cents.  I am not lexicographer but I have the understanding that any 
extant bit of Greek text, whether formal, informal, or scrawled on a 
bathroom wall, is fair game for understanding the context and semantic 
range of the word.  Your message causes me to wonder if you've actually 
picked up BDAG and used it: if you do, you will see that it doesn't try 
to give a word one meaning for all time, but generally gives a long list 
of usages from different writers and periods.

Your question about the time period of the Greek addressed makes sense 
in general, but not in light of BDAG since BDAG is so meticulous, to the 
point of often quoting sources to demonstrate usages of a word.  To put 
a point on it, if there are differences between the NT usage and the way 
later Christian writers used words (and there often are, of course), 
that can be determined by looking at BDAG or the sources it cites.

Bless the Name
Curtis Hinson

Denise Parkes wrote the following on 11/18/2006 7:10 PM:
> Hi George,
> I am concerned that since the BDAG utilises literature from post-NT times - 
> early Christian writers - in deriving it's definitions,  it may not 
> therefore reflect the original meanings of some NT words.
> Shouldn't a lexicon of the NT be based only on the NT and literature in use 
> when it was written in 1st Century Palestine?
> Also, can you tell me whether lexicons in general utilise everyday formal 
> and informal writings, like court records and letters, in deriving their 
> definitions?
> Thank you in anticipation of your help,
> Denise Parkes
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