[B-Greek] Rev 11:3

John B. Senterfitt millenia05 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 15 19:51:44 EST 2006

Webb Mealy wrote;


In Rev. 11:3 John says, 


I'm going to give [??] to my two witnesses.

 Here where you have the two ?? marks has in the KJV, the italicized word {power} indicating the apprehension for using a verb here. However the word translated [authority] is used in verse 6 and if viewed as befitting for verse 3 then we have the concept of permission being given for all that the two witnesses are to do. There are three other words and this one making four that could well be translated as authority but this one seems to fit best.



Is there any way of being confident of what the implied direct object is
here? Most translations have "power" or "authority", but I can imagine "a
command", "a testimony", or, as I've rendered it, "a message". 

Not sure that I care to comment of the "direct object" but the subject may well be the "reed" in verse one and the complementary words following, "like unto-a-rod.

Now that I have shown my country maybe somebody else will chime in here.


I'm going to give a message to my two witnesses. And they're going to


Any help would be appreciated.


John B. Senterfitt 

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