[B-Greek] Translation/Defintion of Porneia

Ann Nyland nyland at tsn.cc
Tue Nov 14 20:38:24 EST 2006

It also refers to idolatry. "Fornication" can mean different things in our 
society of our times - these days, it is often taken to include living 
together without marriage, but in NT times, living together was legal 
marriage, and the translation of PORNEIA is more problematical as it refers 
also to idolatry, and prostitution, and often the two were linked. Jewish, 
Greek and Roman marriage customs in 1st century Palestine were nothing like 
marriage customs in USA, UK or Australia today, and that needs to be taken 
into account when considering "marriage" along with word meaning in the N.T.
Ann Nyland

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> PORNEIA refers to any type of sexual impropriety either before or after 
> marriage.  I suggest that you should get a copy of BDAG which is Bauer, 
> Danker, Arndt & Gingrich _A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and 
> Other Early Christian Literature_.  This is a virtually indispensible tool 
> (after the GNT itself) for the study of the New Testament.
> george
> gfsomsel
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> Dear Group,
> I'm new here and thanks for allowing me to join.  I have a somewhat simple 
> question.  I've been studying a bit on the word porneia and wanted to know 
> if
> fornication is an accurate translation or would "harlotry" or "whoredom" 
> be better suited for porneia?

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