[B-Greek] Translation/Defintion of Porneia

JCG jcgarciaegroup at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 18:59:23 EST 2006

Dear Group,
I'm new here and thanks for allowing me to join.  I have a somewhat simple question.  I've been studying a bit on the word porneia and wanted to know if
fornication is an accurate translation or would "harlotry" or "whoredom" be better suited for porneia?

The use of whoredom instead of fornication seems like it makes the "exception clause" for divorce make more sense.     Harlotry would be a way of life in sexual immorality.  Adultery is a single act so then I could understand why the Greek word porneia was used here.  I've also  heard the argument that porneia is not adultery because the Greek word moichao is used for adultery.  

I hope this can be peaceably discussed here because it's a hot topic for some. I merely want to know the best translation for porneia or how its more often used in the Greek language.   

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

J.C. Garcia

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