[B-Greek] Eph 4:15

Roger Maddox roger_maddox at usa.net
Tue Nov 14 14:21:18 EST 2006

The grammar and syntax of the portion of Eph 4:15 about which you inquire does
not delimit the possible translations to the typical translation "but speaking
the truth in love."  However, the alternative renderings you suggest are not
probable.  Eighteen verses in the NT contain a
<participle-conjucntion-preposition-noun> construction functioning as a
participial phrase (e.g., Matt 2:22; Acts 2:46; and Rom 5:1).  Two similar
constructions also exist in the NT in which the object of the participle is
another participle.  In both cases the object is an articular participle
functioning substantively.  Twenty-something
<participle-conjucntion-preposition-article-noun>  phrases appear in the NT. 
There are a few additional phrases using a pronoun rather than a noun.  In of
all these cases, regardless of where the participial phrases are located
within a sentence, the participles are separated from their objects by
postpositive conjunctions.  The point then is that in the NT the postpositive
conjunction strengthens the relationship between the initial participle and
the nearest subsequent noun or substantive.  I used the Gramcord search tool
to find these constructions.

Roger Maddox, Ph.D.
Resident Fellow
B.H. Carroll Theological Institute

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