[B-Greek] 2 Samuel 6:20 Septuagint

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I was studying ancient Jewish traditions and manners and was sort of surprised at the Greek text of 2 Sam 6:20b.  I now am wondering what others would give as a close word for word or literal translation of this text which in the Septuagint reads, "...TI  DEDOXASTAI  SHMERON  hO  BASILEUS  ISRAHL,  hOS OPEKALUFQH  SAMERON  EN  OFQALMOIS PAIDISKWN  TWN  DOULWN  hEAUTOU, KAQWS  APOKALUPTETAI  APOKALUFQEIS hEIS  TWN  ORCOUMENWN"
The actual Greek text can be viewed on this web page toward the bottom of the page,  http://www.blueletterbible.org/tmp_dir/c/1163441024-541.html#20
I thought this Greek verse was quite easy to read, yet I cannot find any comment or information about this Septuagint Scripture on the web.  Thus I would like to see how others might translate this text. 
Further my English translation of this Septuagint text is very different than the Thomson's Septuagint translation which my friend has, while I believe my friends translation is much more correct than my Septuagint's translation.  Yet I believe even the Thomson translation does not give all the words and meaning of this verse.  
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