[B-Greek] A Question on 1 Timothy 2:6 and the meaning of, ANTILUTRON ?

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I suspect that the writer of 1 Timothy knew Jesus' words that we have
recorded in Matt. 20:28 and Mk 10:45. Notice that in the Lord's saying, the
expression DOUNAI THN YUCHN AUTOU LUTRON ANTI POLLWN means to give his life
in exchange for many, that is, in exchange for many people's lives. "Instead
of money"? I can't see any reason to go in that direction.

Webb Mealy

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Dear Friends --

This isn't all that complicated a word.

In this citation, it means merely that -- instead of (ANTI) a (usually
monetary) ransom payment -- Jesus Christ gave Himself for all.  

Peace and blessings to all.

Father James Silver

Monk James
Orthodox Church in America

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> Greetings to All !
> In 1 Timothy 2:6 we have the following verse in the Greek New 
> Testament, 
> My question is, does ANTILUTRON have the meaning of 
> "corresponding 
> ransom" ? 
> Any help on this will be most appreciated. 
> Best Regards,
> Harry Jones
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