[B-Greek] A Question on 1 Timothy 2:6 and the meaning of, ANTILUTR ON ?

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Mon Nov 6 20:31:49 EST 2006

My apologies for not noting that the last revision date for LSJ was  1940.  
However, the exact same point is made by BDAG (3rd edition, 2000)  for ANTI: 
"Orig. mng. local, 'opposite,' then of various types of correspondence  ranging 
from replacement to equivalence.  A marker (1) indicating that one  person or 
thing is, or is to be, replaced by another.....(2) indicating that one  thing 
is equiv. to another " (pp.87, 88)
That defining a word by its constituent parts "often" does not  add up does 
not mean that it never does, or that this method is necessarily  flawed. 
Particularly if the definition makes sense as weighed by context or by  the rest of 
the NT.
Solomon Landers
>In a message dated 11/06/2006 Barry Hofstetter wrote: 
When citing a reference such as LSJ, you normally use the last actual  
revision date rather 
than the latest printing date.

Secondly,  it's normally a flawed methodology to try to build the 
meaning of the word  from 
its compound elements in Greek.  They often don't "add up," and  this 
especially the case in Hellenistic Greek, with the tendency to  use 
compound where in Attic 
the simplex form was used.  The actual  usage can only be determined 
from seeing the word 
in its several  contexts.......................

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