[B-Greek] A Question on 1 Timothy 2:6 and the meaning of, ANTILUTRON ?

Dan Parker stoixein at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 6 16:06:45 EST 2006

According to BDAG, it would seem that the word
"coorespondence" as applied to ANTI includes BOTH
replacement and equivalence:

BDAG ANTI - orig. mng. local, eoppositef, then of
various types of correspondence ranging from
replacement to equivalence. A marker

The first two categories are 1. indicating that one
person or thing is, or is to be, replaced by another,
instead of, in place of 2. indicating that one thing
is equiv. to another, for, as, in place of 

Both glosses denote "coorespondence," however since
The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament
relates that koŒpher (Hebrew for ransom) "always
denotes an equivalent," the second gloss seems more
appropriate than the first and less of a tautology.

Dan Parker

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