[B-Greek] Re: Asking info about A. Bernhard's 'Other Early Christian Gospels' (ISBN: 0567042049)

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It looks as though it does include a Greek text of each gospel, as well as photos of the original manuscripts.

Here is his announcement:


and an elaboration which followed:



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PS to group: My apologies for an earlier post that included the text of an entire digest. That wasn't supposed to happen, obviously.

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dear all,
I need a little help from those of you who own or has access to this book(s):
Does A. Bernhard's book 'Other Early Christian Gospels: A Critical
Edition of the Surviving Greek Manuscripts' (ISBN: 0567042049) also
give the critical greek texts or just the English translations? If you
happened to have access to this next two titles I'm about to mention,
how does this book compare to Aurelio Santos Otero's Los Evangelios
Apocrifos? (or even Tischendorf's edition perhaps).
Many thanks in advance,

James Pantou
Jakarta, Indonesia

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