[B-Greek] Consonant Clusters in Modern Greek Pronunciation

Jason Hare jaihare at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 21:55:59 EST 2006

In looking at the pronunciation of modern Greek, I see two things that
do not sit well with me (I learned the Erasmian pronunciation when I
began and have not made a transition). First is the use of the
breathing marks over the U in edited texts. Does this not indicate
that it should be read as a vowel rather than as a semi-consonant
(similar to β or φ)? Also, I have come across some situations in which
pronouncing the EU as /ev/ or /ef/ is just uncomfortable. I cannot
think of a situation just now, but I have been practicing the Modern
pronunciation a bit just to try to get the feel of the text in another
light. I just don't like it. LOL

But, the most troubling this is that Modern Greek has several
consonant clusters that do not exist in the Koine and that produce
sounds dissimilar to either of the written consonants. For example,
using MP to represent the sound of /b/ and the several similar
conventions. Where did this come from? It wasn't present in the Koine,
was it? I surely do not see it in my reading.

Jason A. Hare
jaihare at gmail.com
Joplin, Missouri

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