[B-Greek] The Lord is one (person)

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Sun Nov 5 17:16:21 EST 2006

Dear Anthony,
You wrote:
Would it be right to say that the meaning of "God is one" is, in view 
of the masculine numeral following, "God is only one person"?  Just 
as in Rom. 5 the Greek which speaks of the "disobedience of the one" 
(TOU ENOS) means the disobedience of one person (ie Adam).

I reply:
This is probably the wrong list for discussing such a question. But if you
want an answer strictly on the basis of the possible meanings of the Greek
adjective hEIS in the masculine, then answer is "No".
"[only] one person" is no more apparent from the word hEIS itself than "one
God" or "one Lord". Your question seems (in light of your website) to be a
theological one, not a lexical one.

Webb Mealy

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