[B-Greek] Jn 7:22 DIA TOUTO

Iver Larsen iver_larsen at sil.org
Sun Nov 5 03:24:28 EST 2006

>> Now, the main reason (DIA TOUTO 2) that I prefer this analysis for  the other one, is that I 
>> cannot
>> make DIA TOUTO in the beginning of the next sentence make any sense  at all.
> That's actually a pretty good reason to deem this solution  plausible.  I thank you for the 
> further clarification, and I find  this much more persuasive than I did previously.
> I wonder, however, why you object to "for that reason" as English for  DIA TOUTO here: what's 
> wrong with "I've done one thing -- and for  that you all marvel."

There is nothing wrong with the translation you suggest. In fact, I like it - precisely because 
English often lends itself to final position emphasis, and the emphasis in this sentence ought to be 
on "you all marvel" rather than the reason "and for/because of that". Similarly in the first 
sentence, the focus is on "one thing/act" rather than "I've done." The interesting thing from a 
translation point of view (excuse me for being a translator) is that very often the focus in English 
is best carried over by inverting the word order in relation to the Greek original. Another nail to 
the coffin of the "accuracy" of literal translations that strive to keep the original word order as 
much as possible.

Iver Larsen 

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