[B-Greek] 1 Timothy 2:4

Matt scotsmanmatt67 at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 4 10:45:08 EST 2006

> MB
> I have a question in relation to legitimate translations of 'pantas' in 1
> 1
> Timothy 2:4.
> Is there any justification for translating this as 'all kinds of' ?

Thank you all for the responses to my inquiry. The reason I asked the
question was that I'm seeking information the validity of the claim by
atheist writer Richard Carrier, that to so translating the passage is
'groundless on the greek' and other such claims throughout his article:


This seems to me to be a very grandiose claim given the impact, if true, it
would have for a Reformed reading of the Bible but I don't have the
knowledge of Greek to refute it [I am not a Calvinist].

Thanks again
Matthew Bell

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