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Anthony Buzzard anthonybuzzard at mindspring.com
Sat Nov 4 07:13:07 EST 2006

Steve, you talked about reading aloud. Just in the last few days 
since signing up for this interesting list, I have been heartened to 
learn that other colleges teach NT Greek with the modern pronunciation.
I have been doing this for the past 25 years at Atlanta Bible College 
and had enquired from Zodhiates if other places were doing NT Greek 
with the modern pronunciation. Only just recently did I learn from 
this list that others like the idea of pronouncing the language as it 
is today, a living language.
We insist that our students first gain a good fluent reading ability 
before getting into to much learning of verb charts, etc. My approach 
has been the inductive method, using the students' desire to decipher 
"the code" and search out the meanings.

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