[B-Greek] Acts 2:16 - Holy Spirit = TOUTO w/no antecedent

Jason Kerrigan restoringchristianity at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 3 14:37:38 EST 2006

Yes, Carl, you are correct.  I am wondering about a  
passage that refers to the Holy Spirit, specifically 
Acts 2:16.  Here, the Holy Spirit is referred to with a 
neuter pronoun (TOUTO) despite the fact that there 
is not a neuter antecedent.  However, Peter proceeds to 
quote a passage from Joel that does use the neuter 
PNEUMATOS, and therefore I was inquiring as to whether 
or not this noun would determine the gender of the preceeding 
pronoun.  However, as someone who is trying to grasp 
various rules of Greek grammar in general, I was hoping 
that there was somekind of universal rule relegating the 
correspondence between the gender of nouns and pronouns.

Jason W. Kerrigan

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