[B-Greek] NT Greek taught with modern Greek prounciation

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Fri Nov 3 03:03:01 EST 2006

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> Does anyone know of schools other than Atlanta Bible College, where
> we teach elementary NT Greek, which uses the modern Greek
> pronunciation.
> Anthony Buzzard

    Canyonview Bible College (re-named Biblion from about 2000 - present) in
Silverton, Oregon used the modern pronunciation which at first I thought was
strange. If I remember correctly the founder felt that it might have some
practical appeal to prospective students. The founder, Ernie Campbell is 92
and retired a couple of years ago. The school is now closed and may reopen
at a later date to be determined by the board of directors.
    As far as using the modern pronunciation I eventually became acclimated
and then found myself surprised at how 'awkward' the Erasmian sounds.
Further, after reading Chrys Caragounis' explanation about the joke played
on Erasmus leading to his new pronunciation my curiosity over the evolution
of 'seminary greek' is somewhat satisfied. It sounds just obnoxious enough
to be the truth.
    I'm also convinced that instructors should use a *known* pronunciation
(yes, in spite of the fact that there are too many vowels and diphthongs
that produce the -ee- sound.) I practice reading out loud from time to time
and have noticed a definite increase in my confidence level as well as an
improvement in the flow when just reading the text. Maybe when time and $$
permit I'll get to sit at Randall's feet.

Mike Watson

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