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Thu Nov 2 12:32:55 EST 2006

Anthony egrapse:
>Does anyone know of schools other than Atlanta Bible College, where
we teach elementary NT Greek, which uses the modern Greek
pronunciation. It is a beautiful language and at least to my ear more
attractive than the Erasmian,. contrived pronunciation. We use,as
backup,  the tapes of Spiros Zodhiates who is a native speaker. Since
so many of the modern Greek vowels and diphthongs sound "ee" the
reading is rather easy, but spelling becomes more difficult. Our
bright students read with reasonable fluency after a semester,
meeting for about 1 1/2 hours a week only.
Anthony Buzzard>

Notre Dame University, Religion/NT department
uses modern pronunciation, for one.

there are others.
John Schwandt, on this list uses modern in Idaho,
and most any Orthodox Greek school/class will use modern.

At the Biblical Language Center, Jerusalem,
where our first summertime Greek course will run in 2007,
[new webinfo has been promised to be up this weekend]
we use a "mutually intelligible pronunciation", KOINE.
It is basically, modern plus 2 vowels,
U [pronounced as "rounded-i", 'umlaut-u'] and
H [pronounced 'e' with higher tongue than E-psilon].
Zodhiates readings are nice,
unnaturally slow which is good when driving,

Randall Buth

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