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Iver Larsen iver at larsen.dk
Thu Mar 30 14:54:06 EST 2006

>I have had a discussion with a bible believer who believes the trial of Jesus occurred before the day he was crucified. 
>He claims the sixth hour of John 19:14 is day one but the third hour Jesus was delivered up to be crucified was the 
>next day. He claims that since DE was used before Preparation of the Passover in John 19:14 then it is understood that 
>the Preparation of the Passover was the NEXT day and not the same day as the prequel.
> He writes:
> "When DE is used with times of the day or divisions of the day it simply means "near to" or "close to" or "just 
> before" that hour or time of the day. When it is not used then the reference is to during that time." End of quote
> Is this true? I had never heard of this until this year and I have heard it from two different sources that balance 
> the seeming contradiction between John 19:14 "the sixth hour" and the "third hour" of the synoptics. Thanks for your 
> help,
> David Mooney
> Supply, NC
> Bible Student

No, it is not true. The DE of John 19:14 introduces a background comment into the story line.

Concerning the exegesis of time reckoning in John's gospel as opposed to the other gospels and Acts, I recommend you 
study what Alfred Edersheim (The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah) and B.F. Westcott has written about it. The 
question cannot be determined from Greek language use, since it is a cultural and situational issue, and it is therefore 
outside the parameters of this list.

Iver Larsen 

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