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>I have had a discussion with a bible believer who believes the trial of Jesus 
>occurred before the day he was crucified. He claims the sixth hour of John 
>19:14 is day one but the third hour Jesus was delivered up to be crucified was 
>the next day. He claims that since DE was used before Preparation of the 
>Passover in John 19:14 then it is understood that the Preparation of the 
>Passover was the NEXT day and not the same day as the prequel.<<

These kinds of discussions give me a headache.

> He writes:
> "When DE is used with times of the day or divisions of the day it simply means 
> "near to" or "close to" or "just before" that hour or time of the day. When it 
> is not used then the reference is to during that time." End of quote
> Is this true? I had never heard of this until this year and I have heard it 
> from two different sources that balance the seeming contradiction between John 
> 19:14 "the sixth hour" and the "third hour" of the synoptics. Thanks for your 
> help,<<

Well, I had a look at the lexical references, and could find nothing indicating 
this.  I don't have a copy of Denniston's *Particles*, maybe something in there? 
He needs to supply proof of the assertion, remembering that the use of particles 
can be highly idiosyncratic with certain authors.

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