[B-Greek] JACT Classical Greek Text update

Gerry Mishkan at Blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Mar 30 08:41:10 EST 2006

Those that ask the questions earlier in the month may be interested in knowing that the JACT Reading Greek Text Books are in the process of being revamped.

Students have complained that the printed text was unclear and too small for most tastes, so the series is to have a change to a larger format and clearer text.
I am not sure when they are due, only that work is presently in progress.

As for their efficacy as a learners text.
I used them with the Open University here in the UK and found them excellent.
I had intended only to learn Greek for reading the NT but the manner in which this series immerses you in large chunks of text, greatly increases the learning process and increases confidence and enjoyment while doing so. 
Reading fluency is after all very useful before we properly analyse how Greek works...the two don't often go hand in hand in Greek courses.

Three books in the series would be needed by those learning on their own.
They are:Reading Greek: Grammar, Vocabulary and Exercises; An Independent Study Guide To Reading Greek;and Reading Greek Text pt1.

They are worth a try, though not perfect;but then what beginners Grammar is?

Gerry Todd

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