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Thanks Carlton,

That does seem to broaden the scope of meaning then describing someone with 
the grace ANTILHYIS. In your view could this describe someone in the 
congregation that could generally be able to move among the members; 
uplifting them...even inspiring them ? Would these abilities be able to be 
described by ANTILHYIS ? It would seem to me (logically) to be allowed, but 
is there anything in the "Greekness" of this word that would exclude that ?

Virgil Newkirk
Salt Lake City, Utah

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> >A request to the list:
> >
> >
> >
> >Can anyone provide some additional insight and or information on 
> >as to what it indicates to the Hellenistic or Koine user. BDAG has: 
> >helpful
> >deeds. That's fairly general in meaning. Does it, indeed, refer to
> >"anything" that might be helpful in any and every situation, or is it 
> >more
> >specific in meaning ?
> >
> >ANTILHYIS is only found in 1 Cor 12:28 btw.
> >
> Louw & Nida present ANTILHYIS as refering to the ability to help or
> render service. That fits very well in the list of gifts in 1 Cor 12.
> Carlton Winbery 

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