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Dear Doug,

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>>Hopefully this isn't too far afield. When I read the request, I
>>immediately thought of you all.
>>  A friend of mine is trying to track down a quote. Something like "for a
>>pastor not to know Greek makes about as much sense as a professor of
>>French literature not knowing French." He thinks J. Gresham Machen may
>>have said it, but can't find it anywhere.
>I'm sure we shouldn't be having this conversation on this list, but FWIW, I
>wonder what he'd have made of all those apostles and NT writers who didn't
>have any Hebrew?! :-)

HH: We don't know that there were any such people. Scholars believe that 
Hebrew was still spoken at this time, not just by scholars but as a 
living, changing language.

Harold Holmyard

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