[B-Greek] citation of church fathers in UBS

Jeffrey B. Gibson jgibson000 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 23 13:00:28 EST 2006

Matt Rondeau wrote:

> Hello,
>     I'm currently writing a textual criticism essay on John 12:28, and I was
> wondering if anyone could help me in regards to locating specific instances
> where the church fathers quote from a particular verse.  For instance, John
> 12:28 has a note of Augustine 1/3 meaning that he cites the aforementioned
> verse 3 times, and once he agrees with this particular variant.  My problem
> is that I can't seem to find where Augustine actually cites this verse, or
> any other fathers for that matter.  It seems that I would have to read every
> work written by them to find the citations.  I've checked the Loeb series,
> but many of them don't have scripture indexes.  Any help is greatly
> appreciated.

I think Peter Kirby has produced a catenae of EC fathers's quotes of scriptures.  Do a
Google for Kirby and "early christian writings".

And if you can get hold of the TLG,  you could actually search a particular church
Father's work electronically.

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