[B-Greek] Update to Greek New Testament site

Richard Wilson richard at laparola.net
Wed Mar 22 16:52:04 EST 2006

My site http://www.laparola.net/greco/ was mentioned here a few weeks ago, 
but it has just undergone a big update. Every word's page (which opens when 
you click on a word in a Greek text) now has links to two more on-line 
dictionaries, and a list of the categories it is in in the Louw-Nida 
lexicon. You can also search for a word by its Louw-Nida category, which 
makes to easier to find verses on a certain subject rather than containing a 
certain word. For the text critics, there are some corrections to the 
variant readings, and a lot of new readings and supporting manuscripts 
listed, especially in Mark and Luke. You can also download all the variant 
readings as a series of RTF files, so that you can read them off line in 
Word or another word processor.

Richard Wilson

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