[B-Greek] Al Pietersma's "New Paradigm" LXX paper

Ernest Blum eblum at adelphia.net
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In regard to the Pietersma paper on "The Interlinear Model for the Study of
the Septuagint," I did not understand the use of the term "interlinear

Does that term suggest that the earliest extent copies of the Septuagint are
in an interlinear format: namely, Greek and Hebrew?

Sincerely,  Ernest Blum

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> Wayne Leman on his "Better Bibles Blog" (http://
> englishbibles.blogspot.com/) has nicely called attention to a paper
> delivered in 2000 but only now made publicly available on Al
> Pietersma's own web-site (http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/~pietersm/ ).
> The paper is entitled "A New Paradigm for Addressing Old Questions:
> The Relevance of the Interlinear Model for the Study of the
> Septuagint." Although this forum is not the appropriate place for
> discussion of what Al has to say in the article, some list-members
> may find what Al has to say about the linguistic nature of the LXX to
> be of great interest. Here's the abstract:
> "Abstract: It is argued in this essay that the interlinear paradigm
> for Septuagint origins (1) articulates wide-spread practice in the
> discipline, (2) fully accounts for the linguistic character of the
> vast majority of translated texts, (3) can be seen to be firmly
> rooted in Hellenistic educational practice, and (4) strongly suggests
> a Jewish educational rather than a liturgical origin for most of the
> translated corpus."
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