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Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
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On Mar 14, 2006, at 5:29 PM, Joe Hightower wrote:

> I would like to have more detail regarding the best way to learn  
> Greek. Many have said that reading is the best. My reading skills  
> are quite poor, I cannot read more than a paragraph at a time. I do  
> not think in Greek, I cannot help but to think in English. Any  
> suggestions? Are there books or courses that will help? Or will the  
> process of trying simply pay off in the end. no matter how slow I  
> am now?
> It is easy to qet discouraged.

Yes, I know that's true. But I've seen that sense of helplessness  
about Greek (or Latin) turned around dramatically in some.
It might be easier to advise you if we knew exactly what textbook(s)  
and/or methodologies you've been using with little success.

Something a little bit different that you may find helpful is a  
(relatively) recent reprint of an older book from 1965: Colwell and  
Tune, _A Beginner's Reader/Grammar for New Testament Greek_  
(Hendrickson, 2001). It has minimal but accurate grammatical  
explanations and an excellent sequence of carefully graded readings  
in rather surprisingly good idiomatic Koine. If that doesn't work, go  
to Israel and study with Randall Buth (I'm sure he'll appreciate this  
advice ;-) ).

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