[B-Greek] To Diagram or not to Diagram

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Tue Mar 14 17:15:10 EST 2006

The following message from Lyle Story relevant to this thread was  
apparently intended for this list but was received as a "bounce"  
message at ibiblio.org -- evidently because it was in formatted text,  
which our list-software will not accept unless it can convert it to  
plain-text. The attached MS Word file to which the message refers  
cannot be sent through B-Greek messages, but perhaps list-members may  
ask Professor Story for copies directly. One warning however: the  
Greek font came up as gobbledygook for me -- it was probably not a  
Unicode font but a Greek font that is not installed or not recognized  
on my own Macintosh computer.

The message:
I'm attaching a different way of diagramming sentences, which is much  
easier than the traditional format—I use the tab to mark off material  
that is dominant and then tab over to put things in a subordinate  
manner—and then use little headings that capture the material.  I  
trust that this may be of help to you.


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