[B-Greek] Tischendorf 8th version 1.4 with morphology and lemmatization

Ulrik Petersen ulrikp at hum.aau.dk
Tue Mar 14 17:04:26 EST 2006


I've made version 1.4 of "my" Tischendorf 8th with morphology, lemmas, 
and Strong's numbers available here:


This release sees 1.4 corrections, mostly to the lemmatization (wrong 
lemmas, changes to accentuation, etc.), but also to a few parsings.

Thanks are due to Dr. Maurice A. Robinson and Clint Yale for providing 
the texts upon which this Tischendorf is founded.

Ulrik Petersen

Ulrik Petersen, PhD candidate, MA, B.Sc.
University of Aalborg, Denmark
http://ulrikp.org -- homepage
http://emdros.org -- Emdros is a corpus query system

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