[B-Greek] To Diagram or not to Diagram

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Here's one illustration of the non-linear flow that Mike's talking about. 
Webb Mealy

> I suggest that anyone who uses this analytical tool learn and carefully
> consider some larger structural forms such as chiasm, inclusio,
> chain-link interlock, what I'll call list parallelism (since I don't
> know what scholars call it), etc.  These larger forms can be captured
> via diagramming by extending the normal diagramming form.
> For an excellent (very excellent!) 17 page article on chiasm, "Chiasmus:
> An Important Structural Device Commonly Found in Biblical Literature" by
> Brad McCoy, visit
> http://www.chafer.edu/journal/back_issues/Vol%209-2%20ar2.pdf
> If anyone has any difficulty obtaining this PDF (you'll need acrobat
> reader 7.0 or better), contact me directly and I'll forward a copy via
> email.  It originally appeared in the Chafer Theological Seminary
> Journal, Vol 9, No. 2, Fall 2003.
> For a fascinating discussion of chain-link interlock, read the book by
> Bruce W. Longenecker, "Rhetoric at the boundaries."  He compares
> chain-link interlock with a number of other transition devices and
> therefore gives good definitions of these other devices.
> Lastly, a balancing word of advice to any who do diagramming:
> Diagramming is an ANALYTICAL tool (and that's a good thing); however,
> one needs to ALSO perform a SYNTHESIS of the details of the text.  This
> is ultimately what Randall Buth and Carl Conrad are getting at when they
> point out the need to learn warp and woof of the Greek language.  These
> two ways of approaching the text require two fundamentally different
> ways of thinking.  If you're good at the one, then you need to get good
> at the other.  If you are drawn to the analytical end of the spectrum,
> then recognize that as one side of a two sided coin.  The other side,
> the one you're likely weak in, is the synthetic side.  Strengthen that
> and you will have invested much more than a single coin in your future
> ministry.
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