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Tue Mar 14 08:10:42 EST 2006

It's true that Baker Academic is arranging with Mohr Siebeck to publish a paperback edition for the North American market; and the price will definitely be much lower than $220. It's also possible and even likely that the edition will be published before the end of calendar year 2006, but arrangements were not in place in time for us to put the title in our Fall 2006 list. Even now details such as ISBN, projected release date, and exact price are not yet available from the press or through any of its sales channels. By arrangement Dr. Caragounis, and with Mohr Siebeck's blessing, the paperback edition will incorporate minor corrections (so if you're aware of any significant typos, etc., you're welcome to send them to me, preferably before June 1), but for the convenience of users of both editions, original pagination will be preserved.


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> On 14/03/2006, at 1:57 AM, Charles Meadows
> <cmeadows3 at verizon.net> wrote:
> I was browsing for used copies of Chrys Caragounis' book since 
> Amazon and Dove no longer have it.  I heard from Mohr Siebeck (the 
> publisher) that Baker Academic will be releasing a paperback 
> edition for American retailers in late 2006.  Hopefully it will be 
> less than $220!!  Yay!!

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