[B-Greek] Heb 6:19 Who/is entering/reaching the Holy of the Holies?

Oun Kwon kwonbbl at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 22:05:40 EST 2006

On 3/11/06, George F Somsel <gfsomsel at juno.com> wrote:


> The first connection with EISERCOMENHN is hHN at the beginning of v. 19.
> Since this is a relative, it must itself refer back to another word.  In
> this case it is ELPIIDOS at the end of v. 18.


Sorry for accidental blank reply.

Now, as I understood grammatically, hHN, thus ELPIDOS, is the subject
of the verb ESERCOMENHN .

Then, what would it mean when it says 'Hope entering the Holy of Holies'?

Oun Kwon

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