[B-Greek] No mode in BAPTIZW

Tom Logan loganpresent at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 13:50:18 EST 2006

Baptizo in the bible speaks not of a particular mode. It contains no
instructions on how it is performed and is not self definning. It does speak
of an effect or result to be achieved. It refers to an action whereby a
certain state achieved. It does not describes a mode of accomplishment.

If you doubt this do the work for yourself. Find every occurance of baptizo
or baptismos in the new testament and in the septuagint (lxx with

Check greek speaking jews. They note baptizo performed by sprinkling and
pouring. Check the greek fathers they note baptizo performed by sprinkling
and pouring as well as other means.

Baptizo does not refer to a specific action. It may and does refer to a
general action of washing. Washing is an amodal word. That is it is not
confined to a particular mode. Rain washes , pouring water washes.

Determination of word meaning in any era can be done only by examining word
use in that era.  There is no instance in secular greek previous to the
first century where baptizo provides for emmersion. What baptizo puts into
it leaves in and makes no provision for removal.

This is so in the bible.  For example in the bible baptizo is into Christ,
into moses, into the death of Christ, into remission of sin. None of these
can be called a dipping. Thus dipping is neither a valid biblical greek
meaning nor is it a secular grek meaning capable of influencing jewish use.

If you want to determine how religious jewish greeks used this term you must
go to to the use of this term by greek speaking jews. lexicons often dont do
this for you and You need to dig it out for yourself.

Tom Logan.

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