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On Mar 6, 2006, at 8:07 PM, Christopher Hanes wrote:

> Hello All,
> I tried to find some discussion in the archives on PROPEMPW w/o any  
> success.
> I'm trying to understand what this word conveys in its meaning with
> regard to the church supplying and sending out apostles.  From what  
> little I
> can find on the net, someone quoted from BAGD that it refers to   
> "help on
> one's journey with food, money, by arranging for companions, means of
> travel, etc., send on one's way."  As I don't have BAGD, would  
> someone be so
> kind as to post more info on what it says?  I am particularly  
> interested in
> how
> the word comes to include financial support and whether it has  
> usage outside
> of the NT in this sense.

	1. to conduct someone who has a destination in mind, accompany,  
escort (Soph., Hdt.+; PFlor 206, 2; LXX; JosAs; Jos., Bell. 2, 631,  
Ant. 20, 50; Just.) PROEPEMPON AUTON EIS TO PLOION they accompanied  
him to the ship Ac 20:38. hEWS EXW THS POLEWS escort outside the city  
	2. to assist someone in making a journey, send on one’s way with  
food, money, by arranging for companions, means of travel, etc. (1  
Macc 12:4; 1 Esdr 4:47; EpArist 172) TINA someone 1 Cor 16:11. W.  
DECESQAI Pol 1:1. SPOUDAIWS Tit 3:13. AXIWS TOU QEOU 3J 6. W. the  
destination given hOU EAN POREUWMAI 1 Cor 16:6. Pass. w. hUPO TINOS  
Ac 15:3. Also w. the destination: EIS THN IOUDAIAN 2 Cor 1:16; EKEI  
Ro 15:24.—M-M.

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