[B-Greek] OYE in Matthew 28:1

Bert de Haan b_dehaan at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 4 18:59:59 EST 2006

Randal Buth wrote:
>I am glad that there is no confusion when Mary and Mary went to the
>grave.  I would agree that Matthew has made Saturday sundown clear
>enough. (Though your email wording "Jews considered the Sabbath to end
>at daybreak" makes me think you are referring to Sunday morning.)
>PLease note how the very rare word EPIFWSKOUSIH is used in Luke 23:54
>for clearly referring to Friday sundown.

I quess there is confusion.
That just about blew me away.

>Shabbat started a few minutes before sundown on Friday and ended a few
>minutes after sundown on Saturday evening, with the beginning of the
>first day of the week on Saturday evening.

I had heard this before so that's why I wondered about OYE meaning after 
instead of late.

>You may wonder why the gospel writers would use an idiom EPIFWSKEIN
>"to dawn, shine" to refer to sundown, evening, nightfall. Well, they
>did. There is universal agreement in Luke's case. There was a Hebrew
>idiom along these lines, first attested in the Mishnah as well as
>later Aramaic and Hebrew texts. No one knows for sure exactly how the
>idiom developed (the evening star?)
>Technically the phrase OPSE "late on Shabbat" would have been applied
>to just after sundown. The Jewish girls would have waited until the
>Shabbat was over, say "6:30pm". Luke 23:54-6 would agree with this
>You may want to let this picture sit a while if it is new for you.
>There are quite a few interesting ramifications and more than one way
>to read synoptically.
>(I have a 25-page article on this forthcoming in May 2006 that I will
>send you offlist.)

Thank you.
>Randall Buth
KAI SOI (I hope that is an appropriate reply)

Bert de Haan.

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