[B-Greek] Colossians 1:7

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> I am having a hard time understanding the relative clause in the latter part
> of Colossians 1:7.  Particularly, how do PISTOS and DIAKONOS TOU XRISTOU
> function within the clause?  Is PISTOS attributive in relation to DIAKONOS
> TOU XRISTOU (even though they are separated), or is it a predicate adj. in
> relation to hOS, or is there some kind of nominative hokus pokus going on
> that I don't know about?
> Thank you,
> Jesse Barnum

Hi Jesse,

"PISTOS attributive in relation to DIAKONOS TOU XRISTOU".
I'm not super at NTG but would translate this as a FAITHFUL SERVANT OF THE 
CHRIST.  I think you already know this so may be I misunderstand your question.


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