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Opps, I should have set off Ivers' comment with quotes.  I will  correct it 
in this email:
Ivers says

"NIV talks about the sacrificial service "coming from  your faith". If anyone 
can explain to me what that is supposed to  
mean, I'll be grateful.
Most  versions keep the unclear genitive  "sacrifice and service of your 
faith", even  though an English genitive  does not 
work here.
TEV says "an offering on  the sacrifice that  your faith offers to God." I 
have no idea what that is  intended to  mean."

UBS Handbook seems to grasp the connection and possible meaning of  these  

"The identification of the subject of the  offering depends on the analysis  
of the genitive construction  "offering of your faith." The ambiguity of this 
construction is  reflected in the various translations. It is interpreted by 
some  as  "the offering is your faith"; thus JB has "offering—which is your 
(cf.  NEB "that sacrifice which is the offering up of your faith"). Mft  
provides a  variation of this interpretation by identifying the agent  as 
thus "the  sacred sacrifice of faith you are offering to  God." These 
regard  "faith" as the thing offered. Another  possibility, adopted by TEV, 
to take  the construction in the sense  of "your faith offers something 
(sacrifice). The  context makes it  clear that it is not Paul who is offering 
sacrifice, but  the  Philippians. Furthermore, what the Philippians offer is 
their  faith;  rather their new-found faith is the source or the impulse for 
offering. The  sacrifice which their faith offers is probably their  gifts to 
Paul, for these  constitute a sacrifice on their part (cf.  Phil 2:30 and 
especially  4:18)"   (UBS Translator Handbook  Series)

Rob Redden

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