[B-Greek] Greek fonts with macron

John McChesney-Young panis at pacbell.net
Wed Jun 28 22:45:14 EDT 2006

The following fonts on my system (Mac OS 10.2.8 - ancient, I know) 
include Greek vowels with precombined macrons:

Alphabetum (including the free demo version, which is what I have)
Aisa Unicode
Galatia SIL
Galilee Unicode
Gentium and Gentium Alt
Lucida Grande
New Athena Unicode

A few came with the OS, but most I've downloaded over the years as 
(at least at the time) freeware, and I think most of those will work 
on Windows machines too. I suggest you visit:



or Google the font names to find current sources for them.

Personally, I like Aristarcoj and Porson for italic-y fonts and 
Alkaios and Gentium Alt for unslanted ones.


P.S. The adventurous might also consider LaTeX:


which lets you add diacritics like macrons (as does Unicode in 
standard text editors/word processors, as found in the "Combining 
Diacritical Marks" block). J.


At 9:54 PM -0400 6/28/06, Shumaker, Dave R. wrote:
>I am looking for a good Greek font that has a nice macron to mark long
>vowels.  Is anyone away of such a Greek font? ...

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