[B-Greek] old memcard program/other 3.11 Greek stuff

TuNeCedeMalis67 at aol.com TuNeCedeMalis67 at aol.com
Tue Jun 27 17:55:44 EDT 2006

Does anyone still use the old memcard program?

You can still buy it here if you ask, but I don't think it's listed on the 

I have inherited a 3.11 laptop I hope to use it on. Now I'm just looking for 
a printer for it. I read about printing problems on newer printers in the 
archives of this list, so figure I cannot print from my XP desktop, and will need 
to print from the laptop.

Any tips or links to anything good for Greek using 3.11 All the downloads to 
the old freeware are gone. I tried using wayback machine, but couldn't get 
anything that way either :-( I tried copying a teknia program from the CDROM to 
floppies and then installing on the laptop, but it just didn't install 
correctly :-0

Kat Doe

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