[B-Greek] Help with Gen. 35:24 "IAMIN"

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	What did Anah find in the desert? It appears that the Rabbis,  
reasoning plausibly, said, "mules." There is considerable confusion  
in the textual tradition at this point, leading to various  
translations. IAMIN is the LXX attempt at translating YEMIN. I note  
that the Targumim and some other Jewish traditions read "mules,"  
while the LXX and Jerome notes the transliteration Iamin as a proper  
name, but the Vulgate translates as "aquas calidas." The Peshitta has  
"hot springs," agreeing with the Vulgate. The Samaritan Pent. has  
"the Emim" (i.e. premordial inhabitants of Moab, Gen 14:5). Koehler- 
Buamgartner offer a few other suggestions that are all over the map 
—"viper", and snake demons, based on the Arabic YAMM. What did Anah  
find in the desert? We are still not sure.

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On Jun 26, 2006, at 3:20 PM, Revdpickrel at wmconnect.com wrote:

> I can't identify a rendering for "IAMIN."  Hebrew renders this  
> verse as
> "found the hot springs in the wilderness."  Is this the name of the  
> hot springs?
> Everything I find says it's a transliteration.
> Doug.
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