[B-Greek] Help with Gen. 35:24 "IAMIN"

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Revdpickrel at wmconnect.com wrote:

> Hi Jim,
> Sorry, typo.  It should be Gen. 36:24.
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Okie dokie-

iamin is = to the Masoretic Text's yod ayin yod nun (y'yin) - in plural 
form y'yim =  shovels

Or- a variant could be yamim = waters, fountains, springs, etc.  This is 
the reading the Vulgate adopts (as it seems to make more sense). 
Wenham, in the WBC on Genesis suggests it is probably a metathesis for 
hamayim - "water".

In other words, its more likely that there's been some sort of scribal 
slip and what Anah found in the desert were springs rather than shovels. 
  Still, neither the Hebrew nor the LXX is perfectly clear.  In my 
estimation the LXX translator found a word (erroneously written) which 
he couldn't make heads or tails of and so he simply transliterated it.



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