[B-Greek] 2Co 13:9 KATARTISIN

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Thanks to all!

I have received for a while ago a reply from Yancy.  Since it has not
been broadcast to the list, I think I should forward to the list along
with my reply to him at the bottom (some wording has corrected).

Oun Kwon.

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I think that the word for "maturity" would probably be TELEIOTHS. But
in 2 Cor 13:9 KATARTISIS might be thought of more nearly as a process
by which one comes to a state of preparedness to pass a test i.e.
through training, education, or discipline (good glosses of
KATARTISIS) or the process by which one is restored to health,
readiness, etc, restoration. Paul's parting exhortations in 2 Cor
13:9 plays on this word and might be translated, 13:11 Finally, my
best wishes to everyone. Get yourselves ready, comfort one another,
have the same outlook, be at peace, and the God of love and peace
will be with you."

Yancy Smith
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This was in P.S. of my reply to Yancy


There happened to be TELEIOW nearby in 2Co 12:9. I have strugged
with the same in Mt 5:48 TELEIOI (adj), which mostly translates as
'Be perfect (as your Father is) perfect'.

Being hypersensitive to 'perfectionistic' connotation, I
have been looking for something I can put in the place of 'perfect'.
Initially 'mature' and then 'whole-hearted' became my choice.  However,
this simply could not be the answer, because this could not be
applicable to God as well. Then, mercifully, I have re-discovered NEB
reading ''with no limit", and "(God) knows no bounds". [Long time ago
 it was not accepted intuitively at first - felt too much paraphrasing, but
how I was wrong!]  This does make a sense also in 2Co as well.

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