[B-Greek] 2Co 13:9 KATARTISIN

Iver Larsen iver at larsen.dk
Sun Jun 18 10:00:59 EDT 2006

> The word KATARTISIN  (2Co 13:9) is also seen as a verb form in 13:11.
> Among its diverse meanings, how much this be corresponding to the
> modern psychological term 'maturity'?
> Thanks for you insight.
> Oun Kwon.

Looking at the verb KATARTIZW and the noun KATARTISMOS in Eph 4:12, I would suggest that the idea is "make ready for 
business" or "prepare to fulfill its purpose".
The verb as used in Gal 6:1 is often translated "restore" and for the fishing nets in Mat 4:21 it is often translated 
"repair" or "mend".
In some contexts the idea of bringing back to a former well-functional and well-ordered state is present, but in other 
contexts there does not seem to be any restoration implied, e.g. Mat 21:16, Rom 9:22, Heb 11:3.

Even for the nets, one can say that the focus may not be on the repair work, but more on making the nets ready for the 
next catch. That is, you look forward rather than backward.
Sometimes the focus is on training or equipping, but again, the aim is to make the person or thing ready to do what 
he/she/it is purposed to do.

I don't think "perfection" is the best translation, and for maturity I would be looking for the TELEW group of words.

Iver Larsen 

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