[B-Greek] 1 Tim 1:1-2 and Croy

Christopher R. Hutson crhutson at salisbury.net
Thu Jun 15 12:26:46 EDT 2006

I have not posted to the list in a long while, but I¹m working on the
Pastoral Epistles these days, so I¹d like to respond to Norman Goos¹s
question about the implied verb in 1 Tim 1:1-2. I agree with Carl that there
is an implied verb, but I always took it as a 3s optative of wish EIHi,
analogous to PLHQYNQEIHi in 1 Pet 1:2.

I would also add my endorsement of Croy¹s primer. It is clear and accessible
for today¹s students who have inadequate preparation in grammar. And I
really like the Septuagint materials in every lesson, which guards against
allowing students to view a lot of important words only with the technical,
theological usage they happen to have in the rather narrow corpus of the NT.

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