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Dear Friends --

There is no implied verb here.

We can think of this salutation almost as the opening lines of a memorandum, the 'from', 'to', and 'subject' being expressed by the grammatically declined names of the author and recipient, ktl.   

This is a very common epistolary style, and there is no theological content in this format, other than St Paul's descriptions of himself and in relation to St Timothy.

Peace and blessings to all.

Father James Silver

Monk James
Orthodox Church in America

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From: Norman Goos 
Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 5:31 pm
Subject: [B-Greek] 1 Timothy 1-2To: Biblical Greek 

> I'm looking at the salutation and finding little discussion in the
> commentaries I own about the implied verb (e.g. Knight).  
> PAULOS.(impliedverb)..TIMOQEWi (IDO).  The only article I can 
> locate is in Calvin
> Theological Journal (1967) by Van Elderen but won't get a chance 
> to access
> that for a week or so.  What should I expect as the range of suggested
> implied verbs in Pauline salutations and why are they suggested? 
> Thanks.
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