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Eric Weiss papaweiss1 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 14 21:21:02 EDT 2006

> I am investigating Greek grammars for teaching. Can I get 
> some feedback on Hadjiantoniou’s grammar?
> Jonathan Sine

I've looked at it, but can't really comment on it.

However, based on Carl Conrad's recommendation, I picked 
up a copy of N. Clayton Croy's A PRIMER OF BIBLICAL GREEK, 
and have nearly finished going through it. I learned from 
Mounce and read Black's, I've taught with Dobson, and for 
the last few sessions (I've taught a free class at 
church) I have been using Story & Story GREEK TO ME, 
mainly for the mnemonic system and the large vocabulary 
acquisition - every word that occurs 25x - and the fact 
that it covers in 24 chapters what most books take 30 or 
more to do.

But ... I am seriously considering switching to Croy, 
should I teach another class, and supplementing his 
vocabulary so students learn all the words that occur 25x 
or more. It's inexpensive, it reads really well, and it 
introduces students to the Septuagint in every lesson - 
every chapter has about 10-14 made-up sentences for 
practice, plus the same number of LXX sentences to 
translate, plus the same number of NT sentences to 
translate, plus a few English-to-Greek sentences. (Its 
weakness is that it doesn't include passages of text, just 
single sentences.)

Croy has some information in there about accenting and 
word formation that the other grammars don't have - i.e., 
I've learned something new from Croy that I didn't learn 
from these other popular first-year grammars.

The lessons are short (32 chapters), and the only way I 
would teach it is if I could teach 2 lessons a week, as 
I can't commit to 32 weeks, but I could commit to 16, plus 
a few additional weeks of translating a NT book - and I 
think that would be possible to do with committed 
students. The LXX and NT passages introduce students to 
vocabulary other than what's for the chapter (and many of 
these words are not in the included dictionary), so that 
is where some of these additional vocabulary words could 
come from - i.e., I'd also tell them to learn certain of 
the LXX/NT word list in addition to their chapter's 
vocabulary list.

The book is inexpensive ($20 retail, about $14 at 
discount), and if they - at their own option - bought 
Flashworks ($35) to help them with vocabulary learning 
(assuming I could create a Croy module to give them) and 
a UBS4 Greek NT (less than $40 at discount - I'd supplement 
lessons with NT reading/translation practice), it would 
cost them $90 or so at most for everything, including their 

Eric S. Weiss

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