[B-Greek] efficiency in classrooms

Ken Penner ken.penner at acadiau.ca
Sun Jun 11 09:45:20 EDT 2006

Eddie wrote:

> I think what is happening here is that the learner, in 
> English for example, is learning one or two English glosses 
> for each Greek word. The idea of "acquisition"
> should be understood in this sense. There is a great gulf 
> fixed between learning vocabulary and learning a language.

Certainly. The experience I mentioned was actually for French; I would spend half the day learning vocabulary and half the day reading, in preparation for the doctoral language requirements. To return to the original question, I think 500 words per day is possible, but not "easily".

And I commend Bert's perceptiveness; yes, I defended in April and convocated two days ago!

Ken M. Penner, Ph.D. (McMaster)

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