[B-Greek] Greek software for Windows 95

TuNeCedeMalis67 at aol.com TuNeCedeMalis67 at aol.com
Sat Jun 10 19:19:46 EDT 2006

My son just got an old Windows 95 laptop working for me. I'd like to be able 
to practice some Greek drill on it. Are there any old downloads around that 
will work on it?

It doesn't seem to have a soundcard :-0 My son is going to try and put one in 
for me. I think it was used in the town water department and has been sitting 
around for years unused. Somehow my stepdad got his hands on it :-0

It only has a floppy drive. We need to figure out how to transfer larger 
files than than fit on a floppy, but for now he is breaking them up for me. It has 
wordfile, but not MS Word or adobe.

He's been on ebay looking for hardware, but hasn't searched software for me 
yet. I'd like to get it fixed up with a unicode Greek keyboard, but just 
spionic will be OK I guess.

Kat Doe

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