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The Hendrickson online catalog lists Westcott & Hort as the authors, and 
says nothing about any editor. The publicity "blurb" reads as follows:
All modern English New Testament translations are based on virtually the 
same critical text that was used in the 1881 edition of The New Testament in 
the Original Greek. In their monumental critical edition, Cambridge 
professors Westcott and Hort sought to present the oldest and purest text 
that could be attained through rigorous examination of the manuscript 
evidence. They refined the methods of the emerging science of textual 
criticism, inaugurating a new era of biblical textual study. Their 
classification system and evaluation of most of the texts and text families 
has retained the approval of scholars worldwide.

The foundation of the Nestle-Aland / United Bible Society editions, Westcott 
& Hort represents a landmark achievement in the ongoing quest for the Greek 
texts closest to those penned by the New Testament writers. Students of 
textual scholarship and those who do serious critical work will appreciate 
this attractive and affordable edition.

Also, the online catalog lists November 2006 as availability date.

Mike Holmes
Bethel University
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>I found this on Amazon:
> Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament: Comparison (Leather Bound) by B. F. 
> Westcott, Fenton John Anthony Hort
> List Price: $34.95  Price: $22.02
> Leather Bound: 900 pages Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers (July 31, 2006) 
> Language: English ISBN: 1565636740
> FEATURES • Complete New Testament in Greek • Basic Greek dictionary • 
> Colorful Bible maps • Critical apparatus compares the Westcott/Hort text 
> with significant differences in the current Nestle/Aland and Majority 
> texts • User-friendly English section headings enable easy navigation • 
> Old Testament citations referenced and set off in boldface type • Durably 
> bound in a flexible, stain-resistant cover
> Does anybody know more about it? Editor? Best wishes    Wieland 
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